Claim notification

At Finch, we make sure you have all the support you need, when you really need it. Our highly skilled claims team includes experts in all areas of risk and claims management.

Please contact our claims team by telephone on 0161 228 1466 or by email at as soon as possible, with as much detail as possible.

Begin all necessary and appropriate emergency works, such as securing the premises or restoring lost power.

Take as many photographs of the damage as you can.

Unless you’re required to for safety reasons, don’t dispose of damaged property – if you have to make sure you take pictures first.

Collate as much documentary evidence as you can including estimates and invoices.  (This will help your insurers deal with your claim more efficiently.)

Report any theft or malicious damage to the police.

Implement temporary flood defence measures.
Raise susceptible equipment off the ground and move stock to higher positions.
Secure anything that could be dislodged and become a battering ram, especially gas bottles.
Prepare to isolate electrical and other utility supplies.
Take pictures before and after the flood if you can. (This will help your insurers process your claims and will save time when you’re ready to put everything back in place.)

If you are involved in an accident, do not admit fault or liability.

Where there is damage or an injury you must exchange your name, contact details, address and vehicle registration number to anyone with reasonable grounds to request it. If you do not own the vehicle, you must give the name and address of the person who does.

Record the accident by taking photographs and making a sketch of the scene. Note details like the number of passengers in other vehicles and details of any witnesses as well as the date, time and weather conditions.

If you are involved in an accident which has caused injury to anyone or you are suspicious of the circumstances of the accident for any reason, notify the police immediately.

Please call our claims team by telephone on 0161 242 4321 or by email at

Administer/seek appropriate medical help – call the emergency services if you are in any doubt

Record the details in your accident book

Carry out an internal investigation quickly while the details are still fresh in everyone’s mind

Take details /statements from all witnesses

Retain CCTV footage or take pictures

Consider whether a RIDDOR notification is necessary