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Our Food & Drink specialists understand the unique challenges you face. That’s why they’re relied on to support and protect Food & Drink businesses throughout the UK.

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Your needs / Our solutions

Specialist solutions

The Food & Drink sector is fast-moving, competitive and vulnerable to forces outside your control – like fluctuations in supply chain dynamics, macro-economics and changes in consumer tastes.


At Finch we don’t just protect your people and buildings, we manage risks specific to your business like damage to you brand or reputation caused by another party, cybercrime and your contractual liabilities to suppliers.

A clear and simple approach

We keep things clear and simple so you always know where you stand. That means :


●  We get to know your business

●  We use our experience in Food & Drink to assess your needs

●  We explain your options in full, without using jargon

●  We’re transparent about how much we charge


…. so you can make an informed decision about protecting your business.

Global capabilities

We have lots of experience of helping our clients who trade internationally. We are able to simplify some of the complex legislative regimes that operate overseas, giving you a locally compliant global insurance programme that takes into account local law, insurance regulations, Employee Benefit requirements and culture.


We’re also members of the Worldwide Broker Network which means we can provide local, on the ground help, advice and support to your staff in overseas locations which our clients really value in the event of a claim.

Helping you when claims occur

Our experienced in-house claims team will work with you to proactively manage any claims to a successful conclusion, providing the support you need, when you need it.


This unique, targeted approach is used by our claims and risk management specialists who analyse claims data, identify underlying trends and recommend improvements to systems and procedures. In our experience this approach can reduce claims costs by up to 50% and have a positive impact on renewal premiums.


We also offer:

●  24/7 reporting of motor claims

●  Provision of out of hours contacts

●  Major loss assistance

●  Management of self-insured retentions

●  Provision of management information

We can help you to understand and place cover for the following classes of insurance which are particularly relevant for businesses operating in the Food and drink sector.

Having a product recalled can be devastating to your finances and reputation. That risk can be minimised by product recall insurance which provides cover for the costs associated with recalling a potentially dangerous product that has been tampered with, is faulty or has been contaminated.

The policies we arrange can also include cover for replacement of recalled products, lost profits and PR and brand recovery expenses. So your business will be able to react and recover as quickly as possible.

Product liability insurance is crucial for any organisation that supplies Food or Drink products including manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. The cover is designed to pay defence costs and damages as a result of injury or property damage caused by the products supplied.

Typically an insurance policy will exclude losses that are assumed under contract i.e. are wider than is usually the case under UK law. However, it is possible to extend cover for specific circumstances. We have the in-house expertise to review your contracts and negotiate the cover your need with your insurers.

How would your business be affected by a major loss at a supplier? Or a supplier’s supplier? Understanding your exposures is complicated and managing them can be very difficult, especially if any of your suppliers are overseas.  Finch will arrange insurance cover to take account of your specific circumstances.

Whether you are attacked by a hacker or disgruntled employee or lose important data because of an error in your systems, cyber losses are increasing at an alarming rate. Cover can be tailored to protect both your own losses and those of third parties – for example additional costs incurred by your customers.

Cover is provided for losses caused by theft from whatever cause including employee theft, fraud, securities fraud, cheque forgery or thefts by fraudulent means using technology.

For many Food & Drink companies their brand is a major asset and needs protecting. Brand protection cover provides for costs, expenses and lost profits incurred in preventing or remediating damage to your brand caused by bad publicity – for example following a contamination incident.

Insurance aimed at protecting you in the event of a pollution incident, whether it is a single, sudden event or one that happens over a prolonged period. Policies usually provide for clean-up and restoration costs plus any liability to third parties.