Specialist insurance for your business transactions

Our specialist team have been helping professional advisors and clients complete deals for over 20 years. In that time we’ve built trusted relationships with Private Equity houses, Corporate Finance firms and Legal practices.

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Your needs / Our solutions

Specialist solutions for peace of mind

When the value and profits of a business are being driven by the use of its assets it’s essential that they are properly protected and insured. We can help give you that peace of mind.

We also understand the confidential and time critical nature of these deals, and can react quickly and professionally to help you achieve challenging deadlines.

Our Specialist services include

Confidential insurance due diligence reviews.

We can provide a variety of reports which will analyse the adequacy of the insurance protection currently in place for the business assets and profits and will make recommendations to remedy any perceived gaps in cover.

Transactional Warranty and Indemnity insurance

We can arrange cover to support the warranties and indemnities being given in the share purchase agreement. This cover may help a buyer differentiate their bid or may help a seller exit the business more smoothly.

Legal indemnities

We can help you resolve problematic issues such as Defective Title, Restrictive Covenants and Right to Light.

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