Insurance solutions to protect your business assets, profits and livelihoods.

At Finch we take a fresh approach to client relationships because we believe that protecting your business assets, profits and livelihoods is about more than just buying lots of insurance.

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Your needs / Our solutions

Understanding and appreciation of your risk requirements

We take the time to really get to know you and your business so that we understand the key risks you face and can devise the right solution for you. For most clients this will be a combination of practical Risk Management support backed up by a robust insurance programme.

Experience and expertise in your industry

We have extensive experience of helping businesses, from smaller corporates to companies with an international presence, to manage their risk and insurance programmes.

We advise businesses in all sectors, but have particular expertise in Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology and Logistics.

As members of the powerful UNA Alliance and Worldwide Broker Network, we are often able to offer our clients insurance solutions and premiums not available elsewhere.

A company you can trust

At Finch we offer 3 simple promises:
We will take the time to understand your business, the risks you face and the importance you place on each of them
We will deliver outstanding levels of service and technical excellence, and our advice is always clear and transparent.
If you suffer a loss we will support you through the process, ensuring you receive a timely and fair claims settlement.

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